The initial consultation with Edwin Flak will be approximately 3 hours in length.  

We assure you that our office is a safe and confidential environment where attorney-client privilege rules apply.  What is discussed in my office must and will stay confidential.

You must bring two pieces of identification, such as a driver's license and passport - please note your OHIP card cannot be used.  We ask that you complete our intake form prior to our consultation so that we may be better prepared for your appointment.  Be sure to bring any relevant or supporting documentation with you to your appointment.

Write down any questions before your appointment that you may have, and we encourage you to bring a notepad to write down any information we give you.

Edwin will take the time to understand your situation and develop your legal claim(s) and determine with you what the legal strategy should be.  Edwin will let you know the legal realities versus any legal myths, even if it is not what you expected to hear or want to hear.  Edwin will give you the truth while also being compassionate about your situation.  His vast legal experience allows him to gauge your case with clarity and enables him to compose a strategic plan specifically for your claim(s).