History of the firm

Edwin A. Flak


Over twenty years ago, Edwin Flak founded a law firm that built a reputation as the one that people went to when their problems were truly immense and seemingly hopeless. Edwin’s broad vocational history as a successful small fruit market farmer, skilled cabinet maker, woodworker, metal fabricator, designer, and builder enabled him to relate to a wide range of people. That he worked these jobs while he did his undergraduate and post-graduate studies speaks to his indomitable character and range - characteristics that he looked for in his choice of successors.

Meet the team that is now Flak Law. Gleb Morozov, Terrence Reid, Rachel Gopaul, and Elizabeth Bellamy are continuing the good work the firm is known for while nurturing close working relationships with lawyers with expertise in Trust Law and Wealth Preservation; Estates Law; Tax law, and Criminal Law. As the next generation of lawyers, they are taking the firm in new directions in order to help their clients get the best results in this fast-changing world.