What Can A Licensed Paralegal Do for You?

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

The field of law can be complex and confusing, in addition to the ever-changing legislation and the complicated court system, there are many complex legal terms that are difficult to understand. One example of this is the term ‘Licensed Paralegal’. Do we know what this term means? Is this even important?

A Licensed Paralegal is a legal professional authorized to provide legal services and advocate for clients in certain areas of law. This is important to understand because access to justice has become a large concern as a result of the rising cost of legal fees and the major cuts to legal aid that the province has recently undergone.

Retaining a Paralegal to advocate on your behalf is a cost-effective and efficient way to resolve your legal matter, as they provide professional expertise and accessibility to the complex court system.

“As a paralegal working at Flak Law, my services are effective and complementary to that of counsel within the scope of family law and estate litigation matters."

There are many different areas of law that paralegals are authorized to provide legal services. Some of which include representing clients in Small Claims Court matters; minor criminal offences; and matters decided before Administrative Tribunals.

Administrative tribunals are court-like bodies that produce binding decisions with legal matters such as human rights violations, employment law issues and social assistance disputes to name a few. Licensed Paralegals can appear before all of the various Administrative Tribunals in Ontario.

The Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario contains many administrative boards that decide matters concerning children and families. One example is the Child & Family Service Review Board, an administrative tribunal that conducts reviews and decision on issues such as the expulsion of a student from a school board; the removal of a child in expended society care from a foster home; and complaints related to the services offered by the children’s aid societies.

There are many other legal matters that can be dealt with through the Administrative Tribunals in Ontario. If you have any questions or concerns regarding what a licensed paralegal can do for you or how your legal matter can be resolved through the various tribunals, reach out to me at Flak Law.

Author: Elizabeth Bellamy, Licensed Paralegal

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